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About Me

Damani Jackson-Wright is...

At the age of 16 my love for Movies and Television led me to searching out a mentor who could help me navigate something I knew very little about. Through school instruction and my natural curiosity for understanding the Entertainment Business, I learn a lot about story building and working with different types of people. As I progressed in High School my curiosity grew and I was introduced to the Owner of Bay Biz Entertainment Group, a local production company. Over the next few years, I would work with this production company, as a assistant for a web series and assisting as an equipment manager for major music video shoots.


During the early years of College, I was able to really get involved in the post production editing part of the business. Being involved in those professional shoots, in pressure situations, helped me grow as an all around Production Assistant. Having the experience of being on the set of Professional Music Videos gave me the opportunity to learn hands on how to use equipment I usually would not get a chance to.

My Love for Storytelling has never died and over the last couple of years I have been writing scripts for Major Motion Picture, Television and the Internet. I have written a Full-Length Motion Picture script and  I have written made for television adaptation of the Cinderella story. I wrote a few short movies and I also have written a comic book that I am currently trying to put into production.

A graduate of California State University East Bay. I have a bachelors of Fine Arts with a focus on Video and Animation. I found my love for creating at a very young age. I would watch a Movie or a Television Show and when it went off, I would instantly go write my own stories. As I grew older, my creativity evolved and eventually I found myself searching for ways to be apart of local productions.


I am a congenital amputee, meaning I was born without my left hand. Instead of letting that be hindrance, I have used that as motivation to Work Harder and problem solve at the highest level.


Over the past 5 years I  have been working with a film production company doing various jobs on production sets. I specialize in organizing and running the pre-production and set up for most shoots. 


I love creating content that people can enjoy watching and now I am looking to become involved in and work on, higher budget productions, such as Major Motion Pictures and Network television shows.

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