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The movie Behind the Stars is a drama for young adults. Jason is a college  student who is at a crossroads in his life. As someone who in the past has looked to help others instead of himself, when the opportunity to finally do something for himself arrives he must choose between achieving a dream, or keeping the friendships he has built.


The alarm is going off waking up Jason. He hits it, turning it off. Jason is in the shower behind the curtain humming a tune. Jason walks in the kitchen and reads a note from his mom asking him to take something out for dinner when he gets home. 

Jason drives to his college campus. Jason is walking down the hallway and does not hear his friend G walking up behind him. G startles him as they walk into class. Jason tells the audience about G. Jason has a flashback of G djing a small gathering. Flashback ends and class is over. As G and Jason are walking out Jackie Jason’s other friend is handing out environmental handouts. Jackie joins Jason and G as they start walking down the hallway discussing the video game tournament they signed up for. They joke around and head towards Jason’s car.

They drive to a junkyard. They pull up to the mechanic station and are greeted by Mec Jason’s best friend. They all joke before Mec flips a switch and a door opens up to a game basement where they spend the next few hours playing games. 

Jason's phone rings with a text message from mom asking about dinner which Jason forgot about and the group heads home. Jason gets home to find his mother, father, and sister already eating. He sits down and they all have fun eating together. Jason goes up stairs to check his youtube channel which does not have a lot of subscribers or views. 

Jason spends the next few days going through the motions not really paying attention. As Jason, G and Jackie are walking out of school they are handed a flyer about a script writing competition that is being held and the winner getting their script made into a movie. Jason scoffs at the competition saying its stupid but G and Jackie take it serious especially since their favorite actress is involved. G and Jackie run off to start writing and Jason heads home. Jason finds his sister Maya in his room using his computer to type out a script. Jason kicks Maya out of his room and texts Mec asking to hang out and he is also busy writing a script. Mec convences Jason to try it too, since he is the best writer out of the group. 

Jason spends the next few weeks focused on writing his script. Jason sleeps in on the day he is supposed to turn in the script and has to rush to school. On the way to turn in the script Jason bumps into Jessica the actress that is part of the competition, he helps her escape the paparazzi that are chasing her and they hang out the next few days. 

One of the places they visit is a video game arcade. The owner tells Jessica that it is a place for veterans to find work to help them get back on their feet and that Jason is the main reason it is still here because the city wanted to knock it down and build a shopping mall. Jason researched what paperwork he needed to make it a city landmark and did it all himself.Jason’s script is picked, but instead of helping with the edits, Jason is tasked with small chores like walking dogs and getting laundry. These tasks take up so much of Jason’s time he starts neglecting his friends, family, and school responsibilities.

This causes Jason to get in an argument with his friends and sister. G explains that he’s been ignoring them and he’s changed ever since meeting Silvia, to which Jason replies that he’s finally doing something for himself. He talks about how he helped each of them without ever asking for anything, but as soon as he finds something he wants to do he gets no support. Jason comes to realize that the person in charge of the competition was using him and completely rewrote his script when he reads it. Jason takes his anger out on Jessica by blaming her for all the recent bad things that happened, who is hurt by the accusation that it is her fault.Jason gives up and hides in his room. Mec and Maya convince him not to give up and to fight back. Jason apologizes to Jackie and G and they make a plan to expose the director for being dishonest at the script reading party he is planning to have at the town hall. Mec gives Jason his dream car as thanks for helping him get his junkyard. 

The Maya has the audio of the director telling his plan to play out loud for everyone at the party to hear and Jason gets a chance to apologize to Jessica who has him kicked out. The next day Jessica comes to Jason’s how to tell him she showed his script to some companies and they want to make it. 

The next few months Jason and his group work with professionals to make the movie. On opening night Jason makes a speech thanking everyone. As the movie is starting Jason and the group(including Jessica) all run off to play games.

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